Sur les chemins noirs

Sylvain Tesson (author)
Sur les chemins noirs
Sylvain Tesson
Paris: La Loupe, 2017
239 p. : ill.
9782848687124 (paperback)

About Sylvain Tesson

CC BY-SA 2.0 - Image by yves Tennevin

Sylvain Tesson (born 26 April 1972) is a French writer and traveller born in Paris, France. Between 2011 and 2018 he was the president of an NGO, La Guilde Européenne du Raid.

Early life

Sylvain Tesson is the son of Marie-Claude Tesson and the journalist Philippe Tesson who founded the French newspaper Le Quotidien de Paris. His sisters are the actress Stephanie Tesson and the art journalist Daphne Tesson. He is a geographer by background and holds a degree in geopolitics.

Travels and writing

In 1991, he crossed central Iceland on a motorcycle, and then took part in a cave exploration in Borneo. In 1993 and 1994, he toured the world by bicycle with Alexandre Poussin, whom he had known since secondary school. The two friends then completed their studies in geography. He wrote about the trip in 1996, in the book On a roulé sur la terre,…Read more on Wikipedia