Board game

Mamma Mia!

Uwe Rosenberg (author), Franz Vohwinkel (illustrator)
Mamma Mia!
Uwe Rosenberg
Franz Vohwinkel
Helmond: Bergsala Enigma Benelux, ©2015
1 doos
Voor 2 tot 5 spelers Speelduur: 30 min. Inhoud: 105 kaarten (40 bestellingen, 65 ingrediëntenkaarten), spelregels Vermelding op doos: doelgroep 8+

About Uwe Rosenberg

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Toelstede (Wikipedia-User: Nyks)

Uwe Rosenberg (born 27 March 1970) is a German game designer and the co-founder of Lookout Games. He initially became known for his card game Bohnanza, which was successful both in Germany and internationally. He also designed Agricola, a genre-changing game that dethroned Puerto Rico as the highest rated game on in September 2008 and stayed at the top of the rankings until March 2010.

Rosenberg is well known for the development of complex, economic eurogames, as well as innovative card game mechanisms. Many of his designs have been recognized as being excellent for solitary play.

Born in Aurich, Germany, Rosenberg first began to occupy himself with the development and mechanisms of games at the age of 12. He published a number of play-by-mail games during his school years. While he was still in college, Amigo published his first major success, Bohnanza. Since finishing his statistics studies in Dortmund (the subject…Read more on Wikipedia